About HackArt

This blog is a personal exploration of connections between creative computing, maker-centred learning, self-expression and social engagement. All with a special twist on hacking fine arts.

The way to do this exploration will be fundamentally practical, and I will be sharing creative learning experiences, activities and workshops, all of them related in some way to playing, tinkering and hacking with art in museums or public art in the streets. All the activities will be grounded in maker philosophy, and most will use creative computing. Behind all these activities there is also a willingness to empower underserved communities through maker-centered learning. 

These learning experiences are designed especially for children and young people, and can be implemented within educational environments, or out-of-school, or in family settings. 

Although I will explain the activities and give details on how to implement them, these explanations will not be exhaustive. I do this deliberately, so that whoever tries to implement the activities will have some challenges, not just a step-by-step solution. Each activity can be re-imagined and remixed in many ways.

If you try any of the activities I will be grateful if you explain how it went (contact form), and you can also share on social networks using the hashtag #HackArt.

Eduard Muntaner-Perich
Personal website: www.eduard.cat
Twitter: @eduardm